1. Why do I need to service my caravan regularly?
    1. There are numerous reasons.
      1. Prevention is better than cure.  Regular servicing prevents accidents avoiding expensive repairs
      2. It could save you from being stuck in the middle of nowhere, or a faulty appliance not working for your entire trip creating frustration or discomfort
      3. It could save yours or others’ lives on the road. 
  2. Why should I bring my caravan to AussieRVs to get my caravan serviced?
    1. At Aussie RV’s, safety is our priority.  We stand behind our brand, and substandard repairs and/or servicing is unacceptable. Therefore, we only employ skilled repair technicians trained to perform these tasks.
  3. What does a caravan service involve?
    1. Caravan services are different from car inspections and should be carried out by suitably qualified Caravan technicians.  During our services we can check the following: 
      1. LPG Test for leakages, check hoses for wear and tear:
      2. Power, 12v/240v as well as solar panels, power points, fridges, and air conditioners:
      3. Hot Water System:  There is nothing worse than a cold shower in winter.
      4. Water test seals – Inspect the silicone for signs of weather or breakdown, or early signs of water damage:
      5. General operation of awnings, blinds, hatches, and doors:
      6. Gas struts:
      7. Wheel, Brakes, and bearings:

**Please note the service price does not include parts or consumables which may be required to be replaced.  Please contact our Friendly team today for more information on 1800 287 787


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